Project Lead
Eric Vermote

Development of the surface reflectance Fundamental Climate Data Record from the Landsat archive, the LDCM mission and future Landsats

Time period: 2013 - 2017

The Surface Reflectance standard product developed for MODIS provides the basis for a number of higher order land products for global change and applications research. Unfortunately there was no equivalent suite of standard geophysical products provided for Landsat 7 beyond Level 1b. This has placed the burden of standard processing of Landsat data on the user community. In the LDCM era of large volume, regional to global data Landsat processing and operational use of the data, there is an urgent need for product standardization. Building on our MODIS and Landsat experience, the goal of this project is to provide a standard surface reflectance product for LDCM including cloud and cloud shadow screening. The algorithm will be robust, globally applicable and fully automated for integration into the LDCM processing chain and the code made openly available for others to use (e.g. LDCM ground stations). The approach is to extend our current research on Landsat, carried out as part of the NASA LEDAPS project for N. America and test the approach globally. Prior to the launch of LDCM the project will apply the approach to the Mid Decadal Global Land Survey Data (Phase 2), with the aim of extending data product continuity. Experience of the team with AVHRR and MODIS vicarious calibration will be applied to LDCM and close attention will be given to pre and post-launch instrument testing and performance. The team will continue to participate in a number of strategic national and international programs (e.g. LCLUC, GLAM, IGOL and GOFC-GOLD), bringing the new capabilities of LDCM into the international land observation arena and looking for synergy with other observing systems (e.g. Sentinel 2).



Surface reflectance image.







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