Project Lead
Eric Vermote

Development of the VIIRS Climate quality Surface Reflectance Product Suite

Time period: 2014 - 2017

The goal of this project is to develop a well-calibrated, high quality, daily, multispectral-land surface reflectance product from the VIIRS sensor, providing global land observations to meet the needs of NASA Earth System Science and Applied Sciences and continuity with the EOS-MODIS surface reflectance product. Such a high quality, global, multi-year dataset is fundamental for interdisciplinary studies of the earth system and can be used to study a wide range of land and climate related questions, quantify land use and land cover change, providing the basis for time-series analysis to characterize processes and examine functions within the earth’s land surface. Moreover a quality surface reflectance product compatible with MODIS, will be a fundamental data record and a necessary input to several other VIIRS Land CDR’s. It is recognized that the IDPS system is producing an intermediate surface reflectance product (SR-IP), however there is no plan of producing a consistent and reprocessed highly accurate surface reflectance from the beginning of the mission that will ensure the continuity with EOS-MODIS.



VIIRS image acquired on November 21, 2011 in the visible bands(RGB)
Prototype VIIRS corrected image using surface reflectance product.



  • Emilie Murphy
  • Belen Franch



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